Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Milot HaYom

Last week, my Bible teacher stumped the entire class (of Israelis) with a word from his Israeli e-mail Milat Hayom. An American oleh and a Bible professor, he was not quite sure how to translate the word נקרנות. Apparently there is a Webster's Rosetta Stone Edition, though, which gives a decent one-word translation (Morfix didn't have it). In either case, נקרנות is the chief characteristic of the Satan in Job, one who looks for the evil in people.

And away we go...

נקרנות (nakranut): carping, censoriousness

לשאת דברים (laset d'varim, lit. to lift words): an elevated way of saying "to give a speech." Beautiful, right?

יושר (yosher): honesty.

יושרה (yoshra): integrity. This word is new in Hebrew, within the past twenty years. Is the concept, too?

Our Hebrew teacher was curious the difference between honesty and integrity. How would you define such a difference?

התערער (hitarer): unsteady

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