Thursday, September 17, 2009

Milot HaYom

I went to the Shuk today, complete with the bubbe cart, thinking that Sesame would be a cognate. Sesame oil is one of the central tastes for Bol Gougie, you should know.
So much for that. The nice man who makes a living selling different types of oils helped with the process. And because of him, we will have Bol Gougie deliciousness.

שומשום (soom-soom): sesame; שמן שומשום: sesame oil


שאלת קיטבג (shealat kitbeg): A שאלת קיטבג is a question one asks which receives the obvious kickback response that one would expect, and probably not want. For example, if a teacher asked the class to read 25 pages for homework and a student raised her hand and asked if they should outline it as well. (Thanks to Shayna for the correction).

Editor's note: Laura Ruth Silver says she has retired from being a cheapion, because China does not require it. Life as normal is so cheap that is no challenge (my addition).

Some thoughts on Rosh HaShana to come before sundown tomorrow.

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  1. i have to correct your slang. its shealat kitbag, after the army kitbag. ie...the officer tells you that you all have to go on this 10k hike, and then the dumb kid asks "do i have to bring my kitbag?" the officer then, of course, answers in the affirmative.

    other than this slight slip, i am enjoying the blog muchly. hope your RH was fab and the following chagim will be good times.