Saturday, January 23, 2010

Milat HaYom — when Israeli concerts sell out

The Yellow Submarine is a standing room only venue in Jerusalem. They were really going to turn away concert goers?

Apparently so. Next time I pay the 15 shekel internet fee and don't take my chances.

Tonight's HaDag Nahash concert: Sold out.

מילת היוֹם: אזלו הכרטיסים
Milat HaYom: Azlu HaKartisim.

אזלו גכרטיסים, azlu hakartisim: tickets are sold out

Azlu, originally from the Aramaic "to go." Ie. the tickets have gone.

That's your etymology lesson for the day.

(תודה לגיא על התיקון)

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