Saturday, October 24, 2009

Milot HaYom

Friday night dinner with the Kahns quite literally was a bundle of joy. Laughs rolled in by the bundles.

Some highlights:

Elle (fifth grade) wanted to know how good the guests' Hebrew was, particularly our accents. She asked for the best speaker among the group.

The lot fell to Ari, and he subsequently dared Elle to quiz him. So she asked him to say, "I peed in my pants."

And timing is everything, of course.

She then said she didn't hear him and asked him to say it again, but louder. Well played.

Dalya came up with an Arabic phrase of the day which resembled an old-man's Yiddishism. Camille was there to help her with that, as well.

Dinner brought with it a few milot hayom, too. There were more, but this will do for now:

מסננת (misnenet): Strainer
לעכל (l'akel): to digest

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