Sunday, October 11, 2009

Milot HaYom (words of the day)

Sorry for the lack of yomiyut (daily-ness) of said Milat HaYom. Back in action.

צפונבון (tzfonbon) — a rich person, usually a teenager, who was given all of his/her money without working for it. Think Israeli Paris Hilton (or perhaps/definitely on a lower scale). This crowd often lives on the north side of Tel Aviv. Hence "tzfon" (north) and bon, which means nothing in itself, but rhymes well.

The Israeli equivalent of "like, totally" is כאילו, כזה, דה (keilu, kazeh, duh).

And a more practical word...

להתקפל (lehitkapel) — to pack up, to head out. From the root of "to fold," and in the reflexive form. Essentially means "to fold oneself up." To get all of your things together in order to head out the door.
אנחנו מתקפלים בעוד 5 דקות. We're heading out (with all of our stuff) in 5 minutes.

Another shoutout to Guy for said milot hayom.

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